Better Than Ordinary Dentures

If you are one of the many people who has lost a lot of teeth and you have to get dentures, you are in a position to get some work done on your mouth. You might be under the impression that there is only one type of denture but there are actually different kinds. With the traditional type, you will need to have adhesive and you will need to get them adjusted periodically.

But there is a better way. You can get the implant supported dentures vero beach fl has available at good clinics. These are just like regular dentures in a lot of ways except they are supported by dental implants. It is a halfway solution if you cannot afford a full set of implants but you still want the benefits and some good fitting dentures.

implant supported dentures vero beach fl

There are a number of advantages to implant supported dentures. Implants are set into your jaw bone and that acts as an anchor for the dentures. This allows you a wider range of foods you can chew with your dentures. The implants also support bone growth and keep you from losing bone in your jaw. With ordinary dentures, that is not going to be the case. You will lose bone over time with those.

Ordinary dentures require adhesive to stay in. That is something you will have to do on a regular basis and it is a bit of a pain. Maybe you are already familiar with it. When you have the implants, you do not need adhesive at all. The dentures lock into place and stay there until you take them out. That is some real convenience and it is better for your health too.

You can have implant supported dentures. All you have to do is go online and find a clinic in the area that will get you set up.